Eye Of The Fan /// Digital Campaign

The experience of going to a game and being part of that moments is way delightful than just watching the game itself. With Eye Of The Fan, we wanted give that feeling to the fans that couldn't make it to London. Thus, we created an ultimate fan who does everything a die hard fan possibly do and then publish those moments in real time through various social platforms. Of course we went little over the board and get into places we shouldn't allowed to but that's what die hard fans do, right? 


Fit Scale /// Brand Experience

MACFit, a gym in Turkey, built a scale for all of us who are not very fond of scales. Fit Scale calculates your "extras" but instead of showing your weight, it puts them in a good use and turns them into some fun.


#onemillionreasons /// 360 Campaign

The times were rough in Turkey and Coca-Cola wanted to air their famous "Security Cams" commercial to give people a morale boost. We knew just a tv commercial can not do the job. People need more reasons, or kitten videos, to believe in a better world so we give them millions of them. 


QR Flags Challenge /// OOH & Mobile Campaign

For 2012 Summer Olympics, our mission is to reach all the visiting tourists and locals with an outdoor campaign. Since everybody was there for the games, we decided to give them one. But this time they weren't just watching.


Facebook FlipBook /// FB Guerrilla

New VW Amarok is a bad ass vehicle that can go basically anywhere. So when VW wanted to launch it on Facebook, we knew what we need to do. What we didn't know was that we would make creating flipbooks hip* again. 

*/hip/ an idea that you can easily make to look like it's yours. 


More Of You /// 360 Campaign

The problem with the coffee ads, at least in Turkey, is they all talk about the phase before you get your fix. However, that's been said too many times before. So in Cafe Crown, Turkish instant coffee brand, re-launch campaign, we wanted to talk about the phase after you drink your coffee. Cause for teens it's how you live yourself that matters most and coffee helps you to do that fully!  

*360 campaign case study is on the way



Çokopoz /// Brand Activation

It's not Candy Crush, Facebook or texting, taking pictures, and sharing them, is what teens do most with their mobile phones. However, after that much of sharing, Facebook feed's getting flooded with awkward hugs, ankle cross and duck faces. We realized, for everybody's feed's sake we need to teach teens more poses. That's why we created Çokopoz, giant interactive camera that creates real time poses and makes you do it. Çokopoz was placed to shopping malls, university campuses and stadiums. I am not sure about the final pictures but the experience was "eye opening." 


Burn /// Mobile App

Burn /// Mobile App

You know those moments when you really let yourself go and dance like nobody's watching. Yeah, like you are on fire. And guess what? There is an app for that. This little app we created for Burn party series, calculates your movement speed and creates "Burn Flames" around your body accordingly. So pump that app people!